No matter how easy it is to remove your makeup while showering, it can actually do more harm than good to your skin’s health. The skin on your face is much more sensitive than on your body. Therefore, they are more easily affected by environmental factors. Here are the things you should pay attention to while taking a shower to protect your skin health…

1. May make acne worse 

Long, hot showers can strip away the natural oils your skin needs to stay healthy and looking good. If your skin is already dry, washing your face in the shower can make the dryness problem worse.

2. It can affect your skin tone 

Taking a shower with hot water; it can damage the capillaries in your cheeks by causing the blood vessels in your face to dilate. This can result in visible capillary networks or a very commonskin can cause rosacea.

3. May cause wrinkles 

You’ve probably noticed how your fingers wrinkle after a long, hot shower. This is because hot water takes moisture from your skin and damages the skin’s protective layer that helps lock in moisture. The same goes for your face, which can age faster when regularly exposed to hot water.

4. It can make healthy skin more sensitive 

Hot water can adversely affect the skin, making it dry and sensitive. Especially in the drier winter months, when the skin is more vulnerable to dryness and irritation, it is necessary to avoid hot showers.


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