Could it really be like this? 

Annibale Siconolfi, who is both an architect and an artist, combined her art and architectural knowledge to create drawings of what the world will look like 200 years from now.

The cities that he visualizes with 3D technology are home to the technologies and crowd that we will use in the future.

Incorporating futuristic architectural images in his works, Siconolfi actually proceeds through contemporary problems.

The main topics that shape his work are global warming, population explosion and developing technology.

Because, according to him, the population will increase exponentially and cities will expand in every way, vertically and horizontally.

Influenced by today’s architecture, his drawings do not stay far away. For example, this is a station, and when we look at China right now, it is possible to see such a station and roads, although it is not that huge.

Thinking that after 200 years, houses will spread everywhere, Siconolfi does not neglect nature in its works. Regardless, he argues that later on, nature can be built on cities.

Flying cars are also not missing from his work. He obtained the dimension that rapidly developing technology can reach as a result of long researches and transferred it to his designs.

Some find the work very bleak, while others find it extraordinary.

His works on sunken cities to be built underground are particularly interesting.

We do not know whether our grandchildren will live in such cities centuries later, but we must admit that it is both scary and green and beautiful.

So what do you think about this subject?


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