vlog, which stands for “video blog”; It can be expressed as a person’s describing his experiences, thoughts, memories or experiences with video, not in writing.

What is vlog

Vlog has become the most preferred content type on digital platforms in the modern age where visuality comes to the fore.

Having good equipment for vlogging is extremely important. The quality of the camera or camera used during shooting is also a very important factor.


Vlogging is the process of recording and showing all the actions that a person has made from the moment he wakes up. It is also possible to shoot vlogs via the phone.

However, people who are considering shooting vlogs professionally and aiming to make money from this business should have a good camera.

The vlog, which is similar to blogging, is prepared not by writing, but by shooting a video. People who write blogs are called “bloggers”, while people who shoot and share vlogs are called “vloggers”.

Vlogging, which is among the most preferred content types on social media platforms, helps people turn their hobbies into a profit.

What is vlog #1


Vlogs, which have become a way of expressing themselves especially for young people on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, are also among the marketing and promotion strategies of brands whose target audience consists of young people.

Brands that want to reach wider audiences and capture their target audience without spending huge budgets can reach their goals by choosing vlog content.

In addition, vlog sharing, which is one of the popular methods of the digital age, plays a major role in the growth of brands, maintaining their presence and success.

What is vlog #2


In order to increase the viewership rate, a person who wants to shoot a vlog should choose an up-to-date and original topic. It is also very important that the chosen vlog topic is in the person’s area of ​​interest. As a result, a vlog about a subject that does not interest the person will not achieve sufficient success.

There are two issues that a person considering vlogging should pay attention to. The first of these is expressed as the remarkable and originality of the subject to be chosen by the person, while the second is expressed as the quality of the camera to be vloged.

It is also very important to produce content on a regular basis in order to become a vlogger.


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