Phosphine, consisting of one phosphorus and 3 hydrogen atoms, is a very poisonous gas for humans, although it is suitable for the life of microbes.

What is phosphine gas

In their research, scientists announced that they detected a gas called phosphine in the acid-laden clouds in the atmosphere of the planet Venus, where microbes can survive, and that this is a sign of life similar to Earth.

So what is the phosphine gas that creates the possibility of life on Venus? Here are the curious ones…


Phosphine (IUPAC name: phosphan); It is a kind of chemical compound, also known as hydrogenphosphite, phosphamine, phosphorus trihydride, phosphorate hydrogen, and represented by the formula PH3.

Phosphine has a boiling point of -88 degrees Celsius (°C); It is a colorless, flammable and poisonous gas.

While pure phosphine is odorless, compounds containing modified phosphine and diphosphan (P2H4) have an extremely unpleasant odor, like garlic or rotten fish.


In addition, when a person breathes phosphine gas, it reacts with the moisture in the lungs and turns into phosphoric acid. This reaction leads to the death of a person.

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What is phosphine gas #2


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