Karyotype; It is called the analysis made in the metaphase stage, which is known as the second stage of mitosis.

What is karyotype

The karyotype used in the field of biology helps to produce chromosome maps. Chromosomes are classified according to characters such as length, band features, centromere position.


Karyotype refers to the arrangement of chromosomes in a cell according to a certain order after pairing them into identical pairs of chromosomes. Each individual’s chromosome number, shape and size indicate its karyotype.


Karyotype analysis is a laboratory test to identify genetic problems that cause a disorder or disease by examining the number and structure of chromosomes in cells.

Chromosomes examined in karyotype analysis are divided into 7 groups from A to G. The sex chromosomes, which indicate that they are male and female, are defined as X and Y. The normal karyotype is 46 XX in females and 46 XY in males.

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