Water sprinklers, also known as irrigation trucks, are a type of construction equipment used in water transport and irrigation works through a water tank mounted on vehicles.

What is a sprinkler

A sprinkler (French arroseuse) is a motor vehicle that is manufactured by placing a water tank and irrigation system on a truck, tractor type vehicle, and usually has an irrigation mechanism in front or behind it.

In our country, sprinklers, which are generally used to meet the water need in road construction-maintenance works, are also preferred as a fire extinguishing tool.

usage areas

There are different usage areas of water sprinklers such as providing dust control in the work area during road construction, providing the water required for compaction in filling works, washing roads and pavements (pavements) during street and street cleaning, watering roadside forestation areas.


These vehicles, which are also used in fire extinguishing activities, are preferred for many reasons such as being able to reach the fire place quickly, being suitable for forest fires, being suitable for land conditions and having high maneuverability, and being usable on rough terrain such as ditches.

In urban fire incidents, three types of hoses with a length of at least 200 meters and the apparatus connecting these hoses, foam equipment, self-rescue crane etc. are equipped with tools.

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