Favela is used to describe working class slums in Brazil.

What is a favela

After the end of slavery and increased urbanization in Latin American cities, many people from rural Brazil moved to Rio.

These new immigrants sought work in the city, but could not afford to buy urban housing with little or no money.

Neighborhoods made up of makeshift buildings, where poor people usually come from other parts of Brazil to Rio or other big cities to find work and have a better life, were called favelas.


The general characteristic of favelas, is the absence of an infrastructure system. About 6 percent of the Brazilian population lives in these neighborhoods.

Some favelas such as sewerage, water supply and electricity, Although they have systems, electricity and water are used illegally. The vast majority of favelas have no roads or transport.

It is deprived of almost all institutions in the service sector such as schools, hospitals, police stations, insurance and banks.

Criminal gangs also appear in these neighborhoods with a high crime rate.

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Among the Brazilian favelas, the most well-known are the Rio favelas.

There are about 1000 large and small favelas in Rio, Brazil. About 200 of these favelas are controlled by gangs.

Rio’s biggest favela, Rocinha, and especially Santa Marta favela, where Michael Jackson shot a video for the song “They Dont Care About Us”, are among the most famous favelas of Brazil.

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