Each of the automobile logos has its own unique story. Today we want to take you on a journey through some car logos.

Alfa Romeo Logo: Man in the Serpent’s Mouth

The logo of Alfa Romeo, which is under the roof of Fiat, is among the most revised brands throughout history. In its first version, a black snake was designed with a human in its mouth, where the snake is about overcoming difficulties and hardships. The red cross on the Milan flag was added to the round logo, inspired by the flag of the House of Visconti, one of the well-established families of Italy . While the symbols of the two dynastic families separated Alfa from Milan in the first version, these symbols were removed over time.

Audi Logo: “Listen”

Audi’s four rings represent the merger of 4 German automotive manufacturers – Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer in 1932. What’s even more interesting is that the name Audi was found while August Horch’s son was studying Latin. Horch means “to listen” in German , while Audi means the same in Latin. Since August Horch could not use his son’s name, he chose the Latin synonym “Audi”. Some believe that the Audi logo also has a close connection with the Olympics.

BMW Logo: Aviation, Blue and White

BMW’s logo dates back to 1913 as Bayerische Motoren Werke, the Bavarian Motor Company. The first activities of the brand have close ties with aviation in history. It is believed that the classic colors of Bavaria, blue and white, were also chosen because the brand wanted to honor this region.

Ferrari Logo: Good Luck

The black rearing horse on the yellow ground was first used by Count Francesco Baracca, one of the famous pilots of World War I, to bring luck. Enzo Ferrari also wanted to use it for good luck, so the Count’s mother suggested using it as a logo. The yellow background represents Modena, the birthplace of Ferrari, and the colors in the Ferrari brand logo represent the Italian flag.

Maserati Logo: Neptune, God of the Seas

Maserati’s trident logo was inspired by the mythological god of the sea, Neptune. The story of the logo is based on a statue of Neptune unearthed in Bologna.

Ford Logo: From business card to logo

When Henry Ford decided to have a logo prepared for the car he was going to produce, his right-hand man, Harold Wills, prepared the first sketch of the logo with the font used on the business cards and his own printing equipment.

Lamborghini Logo: Taurus

The bull in the logo comes from the zodiac sign of the brand’s creator, Ferruccio Lamborghini, Taurus. Unlike other nationalist Italian designs, Lamborghini chose a different path. The famous models of the brand are also named after the bulls in bullfights. You can read how Lamborghini was founded in the article Lamborghini Factory and Museum in its 50th Anniversary.

Mercedes-Benz Logo : Star Symbol of Wealth

The brand’s first logo with three dots became the indicator of the brand’s dominance of land, air and sea in 1909. With the development of Mercedes-Benz over time, minor revisions have been made to the logo, but its debut dates back to 1900 when Gottlieb Daimler drew a star and wrote, “This star will one day stand on his own factory and become a symbol of wealth.”

Renault Logo: Diamonds

Renault has changed its logo 10 times since its establishment. The French manufacturer originally consisted of the first letters of the names of the three brothers who were the creators of the brand (Louis, Ferdinand and Marcek). The diamond-shaped logo was prepared in 1925 and made three-dimensional in 1972 by Victor Vaserely. The last change was the addition of a yellow background believed to evoke quality in 2007.

Volvo Logo: War and Weapons

Volvo’s name comes from the Latin word “Volvere” which means to roll. The brand’s logo, on the other hand, is in the form of a mars, which shows the strength, quality and durability of the Swedish iron industry and is also a symbol of masculinity. Mars is also the god of war in mythology, and iron was used in the making of most weapons at that time.


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