I’m going to talk about two different feelings that we all experience every day. PAIN and PLEASURE are two incredible marketing methods that not only witness but also spend money in our pocket.

You are promoting something and want to sell it. How many people are listening to you? Have you ever thought, why should people care about what you say?

I will now tell you about my secrets that I often use in my sales letters, promotional pages and in person. Its return is 100% and fixed with experience. Before I start the subject, I would like to open your mind with a quote from the book called “Ways of Persuasion with Words”.

“You can get people moving by faking it or waving a delicious carrot right in front of their eyes.”
Joe Vitale

Let’s start painfully with the steps that make people take action.

Pain: Identify People’s Problems. Talk about that. For example: You sell a weight loss diet program. How do you get into the subject? Or what would your title be?

WEIGHT LOSS HEALTHY DIET PROGRAM > How do you think? I think it’s below par! Nowadays, people do not trust such titles at all. Focus on the pain. You can find better.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO LOSE WEIGHT? > The answer is probably “yes”, but it is not our intention to satisfy our curiosity. Selling our product. Better than the first title. At least it has an answer. Mediocre, but not sufficient.

IS YOUR OVER WEIGHT MAKING YOU UNHAPPY? > Here’s the magic title. We detected the pain. Unhappiness! If someone who is really unhappy with their weight sees this title, they will turn to you as if you were calling them directly and listen to you. Well, you’re not trying to make thin people lose weight anyway 🙂 Your customer base must be overweight people. So the target was pinpointed. If you wish, examine the image in the right corner. Screenshot from Google ads. You can see the crucial question focusing on pain in the image.

Of course, the work is not limited to this. “Shhh!” We called out, drawing attention to us. We have customers ready to listen to us. We continue.
-Would you like to get all eyes on you by getting in shape in just 36 days? (Promise)
-Read, listen, click to read the thoughts of people who use the Bloggia healthy weight loss program, etc. (Evidence)
-You don’t have to pay a fortune for the Bloggia diet program, which will help you get rid of your excess weight quickly. You can get 12 installments for all credit cards by paying 10 TL per month (Price)

Let’s review the formula we used.

  • Problem
  • Promise
  • Evidence
  • Price

This method is one of the classics of Advertising. It draws attention and is very stimulating. It encourages purchasing. Let’s take a look at the second method. PLEASURE

This method is easier to apply, but I am not clear yet which one would be more effective. Although I am one of the most faithful advocates of positive thinking, I cannot say that the Pain method is ineffective. So let me talk about the feeling of Pleasure, which I think is at least as effective as the pain method.

PLEASURE: Identify people’s desires. Identify their purpose, the point they want to reach, or the emotion they want to experience. Let’s sell the same product again.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE A STUNNING BODY? > A feeling that the recipient will enjoy experiencing

-Famous marketer John Deck (or whoever he is) got rid of his excess weight with the 36-day Bloggia diet. (Evidence-Reference)
-It is possible to lose weight by eating. The xx formula has been proven by research (The evidence is scientific-example2)
-You don’t have to pay a fortune to the Bloggia diet program that will help you get rid of your excess weight quickly. You can get 12 installments for all credit cards by paying 10 TL per month (Price)

In summary, the formula is:

  • Promise
  • Evidence
  • Price

Yes, the simple and positive version of the pain method. You may have noticed that in both examples, I touch emotions. This way, you can draw attention to yourself. You can get people to listen to you. Yes! You can increase your sales by using these methods. Use two magic methods on your website, in your sales letter, in your book, in your commercial, or in one-on-one live interviews. Pain and pleasure.


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