Stating that the sun burns not only the rays coming from the sky, but also the rays reflected from the ground, Dermatologists explained the precautions to be taken.

The rays of the sun reflecting from the ground also burn

With the summer season, the biggest nightmare of the citizens who want to enjoy the beaches and pools is sunburn. Sometimes painful sunburns can cause blisters and infection on the skin. Explaining what needs to be done to protect from the burning effects of the sun,  Dermatologists emphasized that the activities during the day should be done before 10:00 in the morning or after 16:00 in the evening.

The rays of the sun reflected from the ground also burn #1


Stating that the most common cases in summer are sunburns, Dermatologists said, “Patients may not notice this within 1-2 hours and then come to us with severe burns. We have general precautions for this. It is like not doing our intense activities outside between 10:00 and 16:00, such as leaving these activities for later hours. You can also enjoy the poolside after these hours or It would be more appropriate to do it first. Or we recommend staying in the sunshades on the sun loungers, we recommend using sunscreen, wearing a hat and long-sleeved shirts that will cover our arms and legs.” said.

Stating that long-sleeved clothes protect not only the rays coming from the sky, but also the sun rays reflected from the ground, Dermatologists continued his words as follows: “There can be burns on our body with reflected light. If we use sunscreen with a factor of 30-50 every 2-3 hours, it will provide adequate protection. Especially for children under 5 months old, we recommend keeping a shade other than sunscreen and ensuring that children and fair-skinned people do not stay in the sun. They are much more sensitive to sunstroke. And parents may notice these symptoms a little later. Sunburns can cause complaints such as not only redness, but also weakness, a little more stagnation. In sunburns, which we call ‘sunstroke’ in adults, fatigue, severe fever, nausea, There may be symptoms such as vomiting. It is necessary to pay attention to such symptoms, especially in children, but if these symptoms occur in adults, they should definitely go to a specialist as soon as possible. What they can do when there are complaints such as redness, pity, cold applications. Application with a cold towel for 20-30 minutes. They can relieve the area by taking the inflammation of that area, then with pain relief gels, painkiller pills and relaxing lotions. This is not enough, water bubbles form, if the pain increases, a health institution should be applied.”

The rays of the sun reflecting from the ground also burn #2


Stating that some methods applied at home can cause skin infections, Dermatologists, “We do not recommend using things such as yogurt, milk, tomato paste at home. It can provide short-term relief, but we do not recommend such applications as they increase the risk of infection in open wounds caused by the bursting of water bubbles. The best they can do is cold applications with a wet towel, dressings. Such movements are older methods. “We don’t recommend it because it’s too expensive. Let’s not use such methods when there are better opportunities.” said.

Stating that the harmful rays of the sun burn not only when it is vertical, but also with the rays reflected from the ground, Dermatologists said “Reflected rays also carry risks. No matter how much we wear our sunscreen, wear our hat, and stay in the shade, we can tan without getting burned. This shows that our skin is exposed to sun rays, even if it is not severely burned.” he said.


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