The increasing popularity of the Eastern Express, which operated between Ankara and Kars before the corona epidemic, helped train travel to be perceived as a type of leisure-adventure holiday besides “transportation” in recent years. As an international-oriented travel and culture site, we wanted to take a look at the train adventures that stand out from our coastal Europe. Believing that the travel opportunities that are restricted within the framework of the coronavirus measures will increase slightly in the near future, we compile and share the seven legendary train journeys in detail; We may update our list by making additions over time. If you have suggestions, you can share them in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

Naples-Palermo, Italy

Distance: 315 km
Duration: 9 hours
Cheapest ticket: 12 euros
The trains, which allow you to admire Italy’s fascinating countryside, at least as a spectator, run several times a day between major cities including Milan, Rome and Naples. One of the most attractive of these is the ferryboat from Naples, passing through the south-west coast of Italy. Strait of MessinaThe line passing through Sicily and ending in the island’s largest city, Palermo. There is also an option to go south to Catania and Siracusa instead of Palermo after the transition to Sicily. Detailed information can be found on the Trenitalia website.

Mostar-Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Distance: 117 km
Duration: 2 hours
Cheapest ticket: 5 euros
The line connecting Mostar to Sarajevo was put into service the previous year, after two years of rebuilding; Of course, this time with new and ventilated wagons. neretva It is a short journey where you can watch the magnificent views by the river and you can’t take your eyes off the beauties of the green nature at every other kilometer. A very bargain train pleasure for only 5 euros. Let’s add as a note that negotiations are continuing with Croatia for another line from Sarajevo to Zagreb.

Trondheim-Bodo, Norway

Distance: 729 km
Duration: 10 hours
Cheapest ticket: 29 euros
The Nordlandsbanen Railway is the longest line in Norway and, moreover, the only train to enter the Arctic Circle. After leaving Trondheim, beautiful farms, forests, mountains, rivers and, of course, breathtaking fjords will pass through your window. After taking the ferry from Bodø to the Lofoten Islands, you will see a monument in the Saltfjellet mountains. Arctic CircleWhat do you say hello to? There are about 30 stops on the line and, good news, this line is also included in the interrail program.

Bastia-Ajaccio, Corsica, France

Distance: 158 km
Duration: 3.5 hours
Cheapest ticket: 21 euros
Narrow-gauge railways on the island of Corsica began to be built in the second half of the 19th century, and a total of 232 km of railways were built by crossing many mountains and hills for 22 years. in Europe today the most dramatic offering one of the train journeys, even with 32 tunnels between them Gustav Eiffel designed by Pont du Vecchio52 bridges and viaducts, including . Especially corte and Bocognano In the fascinating stage between the Gravona valley and narrow passages and the eye-catching 70-meter Bride’s Veil passing by the waterfall. Alternatively, the Ponte-Leccia-Calvi line can be tried. The information is here.

Zermatt – St. Moritz/Davos, Switzerland

Distance: 290 km
Duration: 7.5 hours
Cheapest ticket: 135 euros
Glacier Express (Glacier Express), operating on the narrow gauge railway, is considered the slowest ‘express’ train journey in Europe. The train, which covers 290 kilometers in 7.5 hours, passes through deep valleys, narrow bends and 91 tunnels and 291 bridges during the journey, so it cannot accelerate. Although there is no need to hurry, because you will not be able to get enough of watching the views of the Swiss Alps from the wide windows that go all the way to the roof. The train, which started its journey from a height of 1605 meters, soon zermattIt reaches the Matterhorn Mountain just outside of . The culmination of the journey is the 2044-meter-high Oberalp Pass, where the Rhine also originates. Located between Ilanz and Reichenau, also known as the Swiss Grand Canyon Rhine Valley We are sure that it will be engraved in your mind.

London-Fort William, United Kingdom

Distance: 674 km
Duration: 13 hours
Cheapest ticket: 51 euros
The Caledonian Sleeper is undergoing a 113 million euro restoration process. The new first-class wagons will offer double beds, private toilets and showers, luxury toiletries and gourmet meals. The train running on the London-Edinburgh-Glasgow line for now, after the restoration is completely finished Fort William will use the Highland route at its destination. Deerstalker (deer chaserThe Highland line, also called the Highland Line, has some of the most beautiful and impressive scenery in Britain. Those who wish can continue to Mallaig after Fort William and then to Skye by ferry.

Bilbao-Ferrol, Spain

Distance: 430 km
Duration: 12.5 hours
Cheapest ticket: 58 euros
The narrow-gauge Feve railway, which traverses the northern coast of Spain, is often used by locals, but is ideal for those who enjoy slow but pleasant train travel. You can have a wonderful holiday by hop-on-hop-off with a 30-day (89 euro) travel card, with plenty of stops passing through beautiful medieval towns, fishing villages and beaches.


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