It is prepared by considering economic opportunities, social and economic stability and immigration policies. Best Countries for Immigrants (Best countries for immigrants) 2020 ranking has been announced. Sweden, which was at the top of the research conducted in 2017, left its place to Canada 4 years later. It is noteworthy that four of the top 10 countries to be immigrants are Scandinavian (and neighboring) countries.

Economic data of 80 countries within the scope of the research conducted by US News, BAV Consulting and Wharton, policies towards immigrants, practices and international evaluations were taken into consideration. Especially Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, which have very high international reputations in terms of income justice and human rights, were among the top 10 countries to be immigrants.

“The top five countries have the most stable economies, as well as implement policies for the social and economic integration of immigrants,” the report said. While Kenya is at the bottom of the list of 80 countries, Turkey’s 42nd place has not changed.

Below is the ranking where you can find the top 10 ‘list of countries where it is easy to go as a migrant’ Let us remind you that it is not a country, it evaluates the living conditions that will be encountered after the countries fulfill the migrant admission requirements and processes and gain that status. The numbers next to the countries are in that country. gross national product per capita Displays in US dollars.

1. Canada – $49,690

2. Switzerland – $65,010

3. Sweden – $53,652

sweden is the best country for immigrants
Stockholm, Sweden

4. Australia – $52,379

Melbourne most liveable city

5. Germany – $52,386

stressful cities goals in Germany

6. US – $62,869

New York ticket Statue of Liberty

7. Norway – $74,357

8. Denmark – $52,279

Copenhagen most environmentally friendly

9. Netherlands – $56,489

dutch amsterdam canals

10. Finland – $46,596

Finland Helsinki pride


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