How are you with colors? If you are lost among all kinds of wall paints and cannot get out of the way while looking at the fabric swatch, we will tell you about a very simple rule. 60-30-10 rate!

Not just your decoration; This balance is the basis of everything that looks aesthetic. In perfect photographic frames, literary works that went down in history, famous paintings, sculptures and even flower arrangements… In the classical understanding of beauty; The space occupied by the object, the color distribution and the material balance are shaped by the rule of three. Starting from here, you can quickly decide on the color choices, which is the most important stage of decoration.

First you have to choose the color for 60% of the house! What kind of feeling do you want the general atmosphere to create? Relaxed and peaceful pastel, natural tones? Refreshing white and beige? Pretentious dark grey, red or purple? Or dynamic and warm colors? The first color you choose will take place in large areas, such as wall paint, floor, carpet and large furniture.

In the second step, you have 30% color. Remember, this selection can support your color at 60% or create a new character. The areas you will use; the most dominant points of the house such as armchairs, tables, coffee tables. If you like smooth transitions, you can make tons of choices. Or you can create contrast with contrasting tones.

And now it’s time for the icing on the cake! The 10% part includes accessories such as throw pillows and decorative objects, as well as details such as window sill, table leg, lamp cap… You can think of the third color choice as adding some light and shine to the atmosphere. If you want a little tip; If the first two colors are tones of each other, there should be darker touches here; but if you have created a striking contrast in the 30% part, let the details remain calm.

Check out the samples we have chosen for you now and create your own color palette!

60% light gray, 30% powder pink, 10% off-white

60% melon pulp, 30% brown, 10% beige / 60% petrol green, 30% mustard, 10% white

60% gray and its tones, 30% white, 10% natural oak


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