The new agreement between TikTok and Spotify will offer users free deals. TikTok users will have a 3-month free Spotify Premium subscription.

TikTok continues to work to reach more users and make the platform more attractive. With the new statement, it is stated that a special agreement has been made between TikTok and Spotify, and all users who meet the conditions within the agreement will be able to receive a 3-month Spotify Premium subscription. Only users in certain countries will benefit from the relevant feature.

In the new campaign, which is limited to 7 countries, users in Turkey, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and England will be able to benefit from the new campaign.

What are the 3 Months Free Spotify Premium subscription terms?

In the statement made by TikTok, users must follow some rules in order to get a 3-month free premium subscription. Accordingly, the conditions for users are as follows;

  • be over 18 years old
  • Not having a Spotify Premium subscription before (with TikTok membership information)

Users who meet the two conditions mentioned will be able to participate in the 3-month Spotify premium subscription campaign by using the promotional codes to be distributed by TikTok. In order to access the current promotional codes, it is sufficient to log in to the TikTok rewards section on the profile page of the TikTok application. 


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