Everything you wonder about elastane and collagen, which is healthy, supple and smooth skin..

Collagen is the most common protein found in the human body and makes up 25-30 percent of the body in total. 50 percent of the cartilage, 68 percent of the cornea, and 72 percent of the skin contain collagen. However, collagen is also found in muscles, bones, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. Collagen is the basic building block that gives strength and flexibility to our skin while providing structural strength by shaping tissues and organs. For this reason, wrinkles, sagging and joint pain occur in our skin during the aging process.

Our collagen amount starts to decrease from the age of 25.

By the age of 25, the body’s collagen production decreases by 1.5 percent each year. With the decrease in the amount of collagen in the body, wrinkles occur on the skin and the skin loses its vitality over time. The skin that has lost collagen cannot maintain its moisture and dries out. Wrinkles begin to deepen. The skin takes on an aged appearance.

Protects the skin

Healthy, young and supple skin is mainly maintained by collagen. With collagen application, it is aimed to restructure the skin, restore elasticity and brightness, and open wrinkles. When collagen is injected into the subcutaneous tissue, fibroblasts are stimulated and new collagen production is triggered. In this way, with the increase in hyaluronic acid production, our skin becomes more flexible, firm and smooth.

The miracle of collagen: It is also effective in the treatment of skin cracks, scars and gums.

Collagen vaccine can be applied to anyone who wants to postpone the age-related moisture loss, sagging and wrinkles as much as possible. It can be done for preventive purposes at the ages of 25 and 30, and for the purpose of stopping the progression of existing problems over the age of 40. Our age limit for collagen vaccine is between 25 and 65 years old. It is applied to the face, neck, décolleté, hands and knees to repair and renew the skin and subcutaneous tissue, and most importantly, it restores the natural beauty of the skin. It can also be used safely in reducing skin cracks, scars, acne scar treatment and gum treatment.

This process is applied in 4 sessions with 3-4 week intervals depending on the condition of the skin. The number and interval of sessions may vary depending on the condition of the skin, the age of the patient and the purpose of application. Local anesthetic cream is applied to the application area and then applied under the skin at 1-3 cm intervals with a thin and short mesotherapy needle.

Warnings for the first 24 hours
after application Within 24 hours after collagen application:

  • It should not be washed.
  • Sports should not be done.
  • Avoid extremely hot environments such as solarium, Turkish bath and sauna.
  • In addition, alcohol and cigarettes should not be used.
  • Do not go out into the sun directly.

On the other hand, after the collagen application, plenty of water should be drunk and ice should be applied to the treatment area. After the first session, the effect of the application is felt within 7-14 days and continues to develop throughout the treatment period. After this process, visible differences occur in the brightness, firmness and vitality of the skin.

Who should not apply collagen in which period?

It is not applied during breastfeeding, pregnancy, immune system diseases, diabetes, keloid formation, if there is an infection in the area, during cancer treatment, if there is a diagnosis of bleeding disorder, in the same session with laser treatments and after deep chemical peeling.

The application and results of the procedures mentioned in the text may vary according to the anatomy, physiognomy and quality of life of each person. Before the application mentioned, I recommend that you consult a doctor who is an expert on the subject.


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