One of the decoration styles that will allow you to create a calm atmosphere with simple lines is the minimalist decoration style. With a less is more perspective, you can catch a line that emphasizes simplicity.

1. Reduce the Number of Colors and Textures

You can use different textures in similar tones. With a single color that integrates the wall and ceiling decor, you can destroy the perception of borders and make your space look wider than it is. Instead of using many colors and textures for minimalist living room decoration, using simple lines will allow you to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Instead of using patterned carpets, you can choose models that emphasize simplicity with simpler lines. You can achieve harmony by using furniture suitable for the color palette you have determined. With minimalist home designs, you can both design a stylish space and create a peaceful atmosphere.

2. Emphasis with decorative objects

Minimalist style does not mean that you will not use decorative accessories. The important thing here is to use the decoratives in a way that emphasizes the general decoration without overdoing it. For example, instead of using small and many paintings on your walls, you can prefer a minimal and effective painting.

3.Expand Your Space

When applying the minimalist decoration in the living room, you should highlight the areas, sitting groups and lighting. The area should be positioned in such a way as to embrace the daylight and add spaciousness to the space, and the daylight should be distributed to the area with a decorative mirror. When applying the minimalist home layout in the living room, you should also pay attention to the integrity of the designs with each other. For example, if you have a seating group with angular lines, the complementary furniture should also have an angular design.

4. Prefer Functional Furniture

You can choose furniture that can add modular richness. Functionality is an important element in minimal decoration. You can take a look at the seat models that stand out with their different usage features.

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