According to a new study; Drivers who do not drink enough water pose as much danger in traffic as drunk drivers.

As you know, drunk driving can be very dangerous and this threatens both the driver and other people in traffic.

A new study has revealed that in addition to drunk driving, it can be quite dangerous for people to be dehydrated.

Research firm Leasing Options , in  its extensive study on dehydration, measured the average person’s dehydration time.

Emphasizing that at least 1.5 liters of water should be consumed per day, the company revealed that otherwise the drivers may be affected by thirst as much as drunkenness.


As part of the research, 11 adult drivers from different parts of the world got behind the wheel in various situations.

The drivers, who were taken to the driving test three times, were accustomed to the simulation in the first step. Drivers, who spent a two-hour journey without water in the second step, started using water in the third drive.

During the test, the brain activities of the drivers, who were monitored with sensors and various test equipment, were also measured.


As a result of the test, it was determined that dehydrated drivers involuntarily skid or reacted late.

According to Leasing Options, drivers who do not consume enough water can be just as dangerous as drunk drivers, especially on long trips.


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