Have you noticed that the center table decoration is always privileged in a modern and stylish house that is inspiring with its details  ? Objects that reflect the feelings of the owner, books that are always wanted to be with him, items that bring luck… When they come together on the coffee table in a balanced combination, they attract all eyes. It is not that difficult to choose these items that you will put in the center of your living space. We created a roadmap for you with inspiring photos and suggestions from our interior architects who follow trends! Here are 10 steps to follow for a cool decoration…

1- First of all, you should decide on the size and material of the center table. The coffee table should be no more than two-thirds the length of the seat behind it. The modern designed marbles, which have been on the rise recently, are ideal to underline the elegance. If you want a warmer and more friendly environment, you can choose  wooden coffee tables . Maple, oak or walnut, you should determine by the legs of the sofa and other furniture.

2- In the  decorative selection, you can use straight, plain lines and oval lines, considering that you will bring together several objects. You should give less space to indented forms and detailed objects.

3- Natural tones such as gray, black, white, stone color, sand beige stand out in modern decorations. Golden yellow and silver tones are ideal for stylish choices that reflect the light. Indispensable for autumn are red, orange and yellows.

4- In the use of patterns, flowers, birds, romantic figures should be concise and concise. Don’t be afraid to mix lines and graphics, combining different patterns is the coolest move of the season.

5- Not without plants! The vitality and naturalness on the coffee table changes all the energy of the house! You can use a green leafy plant, succulent or cactus in a small pot. It is a great idea to place seasonal flowers in a transparent vase for a more romantic picture. E.g; sunflowers! They look perfect with little pumpkins. A tip if you can’t change frequently; In a vase filled with water  , large-leaved branches such as celandine stay alive for about a month. In addition, instead of live flowers, dry branches, bamboo, wheat ears, cotton are also popular.

6- It is necessary to be selective when making mini combinations in trays and baskets called ‘Centerpiece’. You can try to fit a few small books first. Place a personal object on the books that reflects your character. It can be an abstract or a figure depicting nature. Put two candles side by side, one long and one short. You can try modern candlesticks to be higher. When you place the flower pot or vase, the essential items are complete! If you use the books or the vase outside the tray, you can give a few more chances to appeal to different senses. A blend of character essences in an elegant bottle, pine cone or dry branch details evoke romantic feelings. But the piece that will undoubtedly make everyone happy; It will be a bowl full of chocolate.

7- Try asymmetrical arrangements when combining. Instead of placing the objects in the middle of the table, place them in a three-to-two ratio.

8- How about considering lemons, oranges and green apples for a beautiful decoration? When you are bored with the objects on the coffee table or looking for refreshment, place your favorite ones in a large basket, wooden box or large glass vase. After all, it’s the season of citrus!

9- Keep living the moment on the coffee table! How Does? With delicious cookies, an unfinished coffee and a few of that month’s magazines.

10- And the last rule; Love every piece that is in front of you at every moment, that you take into the focus of the house!


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