Diet literally means a balanced and healthy diet. However, strict and unsustainable nutrition programs create a prejudice against the word diet. While strict and unsustainable nutrition programs endanger human health, they cause people to lose their motivation and not reach their goals, together with nutrition programs that go out of purpose. Specialist Dietitian İpek Ağaca Özger made suggestions that increase motivation while dieting.

1. Avoid Temporary Goals

First, we must clearly define our purpose. While determining your goal, you should focus on the underlying cause and aim to get rid of this problem that you have set for yourself for a long time, rather than setting temporary goals such as looking thinner on the holiday after 1 month or getting into the dress you want to buy at the wedding after 2 months.

2. Be Patient on the Path to the Destination; Believe in the Power of Teamwork

We set our goal and stepped into the diet process. From this step forward, it is very important to be realistic and patient. It is necessary to stay away from unrealistic approaches such as 5 kilos in 1 week and not to make a sudden transition to a diet full of prohibitions. Decide with your dietitian, believe in the power of teamwork.

3. Shop Right

Organizing our kitchen and grocery shopping can be beneficial in this process. Let’s start by not taking home high-calorie and processed foods. If you know that there are such foods at home, you will want to eat them. Keep healthier and lighter snacks at home. You can do it yourself; or you can choose these products while shopping. You can easily see the nutritional values ​​and energy contents of the products by looking at the labels. Gaining the habit of labeling helps us in the diet process.

4. Don’t Get Weighed Every Day

Being weighed every day can be a demotivating move. It will be more accurate for weight management to be weighed once a week, on a fixed day and at the same weight, in the same clothes, at the same satiety level.

5. Don’t Forget To Drink Water

Ensuring adequate water consumption is for both our health; It is also very important for our motivation. Insufficient water consumption can cause weakness, headache, reluctance; This may cause your motivation to drop. Get used to drinking water. Even if you are on a weight loss diet or not, try to consume between 8-12 glasses.

6. Move

Try to do physical activity. Choose an activity that you love and enjoy and that you can continue. Regular physical activity will positively affect your motivation to diet.

7. Take note of your diet

You can keep a food diary. Noting what you eat will motivate you to eat more controlled. It will also help you see your mistakes.

8. Eat Color

Try to diversify and color her diet as much as you can. A diet that is strict and consistent with the same foods can hurt your motivation. Take advantage of the 5 colors of the colorful diet; Try to consume each of these colors every day.

9. Get Professional Support

9- Get professional support Get professional support. Do not hesitate to seek professional support. Work with a dietitian, psychologist and a sports trainer with whom you have good communication and interaction. Be sure to consult a doctor first. Professionals increase your motivation and help you reach your goal.


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