When designing a baby room, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the harmony of decoration, but also to other details that will positively affect the mental and physical development of the baby.

1. Away from complex colors Stop

Colors are at the forefront in all children’s and baby room designs. You should prefer plain tones so that the colors do not cause confusion and fatigue in your baby’s mind. You can use soft tones of pale blues, pinks, grays and beige. You can support the colors you choose with chandeliers or wall lighting. By hanging decorative objects on the wall, you can make the decoration richer and make a difference in the room. Unlike pink or blue-dominated baby rooms, you can make your baby’s room fun with neutral tones away from gender norms.

2. Spacious spaces in the room create

While preparing the baby room, you should not fill the room with too many items and toys, and you should not narrow the transition areas. There should not be too many items in the room, except for the baby bed, wardrobe and nursing chair. Considering that the baby will spend time in the room, you should leave a spacious playground for him to roam and explore.

3. Use furniture with security system

First of all, when choosing baby room furniture, you should definitely check whether there is a security system. You can choose cradles that can be adjusted in height. It is very important for safety that the height is controllable for active babies. If it fits your budget, you can choose specially produced solid furniture.

4. Make the wall design according to your baby

When it comes to baby room wall decoration, lighting, decorative objects and ornaments are at the forefront. Every child loves to paint the wall with colored pencils. You can use special erasable paints or scratch boards on the walls. The boards support the imagination of children and allow them to have a pleasant time in the room.

5. Use special lightings

With moon-star stickers that can be pasted on the ceiling, cloud-shaped chandeliers and cute lightings, you can use lighting systems that are both fun and suitable for the theme, and that will positively affect the baby’s sleep pattern.

6. Make the floor fun with carpet

Another important piece that completes the decoration of the baby room is the carpet. You can create a pleasant playground in the room with a patterned carpet of your choice. also baby room rug When choosing, you should choose products that do not contain antiallergic, antibacterial and carcinogenic substances and that can be easily cleaned.

7. Color the walls with paintings

As babies grow, their sensitivity and interest in the events and objects around them increase. For this reason, you can contribute to your learning skills with the numbers, letters, animals, vehicles printed tables that you will use in the room.

8. Go through the concepts

You can improve the creativity of the child by decorating the playgrounds you will create in the room with different concepts.

9. Create order with decorative shelves

If there is not enough storage space in the room, decorative shelves that you can mount on the wall or hang inside the cabinets will come in handy. These shelves will also add a pleasant atmosphere to the room.

10. Add creativity to curtains

If you want to create a new theme with accessories or continue the theme you created, you can get support from curtains. You can use stuffed toys as curtain holders to add a fun touch to the decoration.


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