The long-awaited flight day for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has arrived. Bezos and his three companions will go to space in Blue Origin’s spacecraft. We’ve listed everything you need to know about this flight.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, the richest person in the world, made a new statement a few weeks ago that surprised everyone. Bezos announced that he will go into space with his brother in his Instagram post . It was also announced that two more passengers will accompany Jeff Bezos and his brother. The date was set for 20 July.

Here comes the day when billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos will go into space. The flight, which will take place on the 52nd anniversary of the day Apollo 11 landed on the Moon , will begin today at 4 PM (if no problems appear). So, how will Jeff Bezos get into space? Who’s going into space with Jeff Bezos? What will these 5 people do when they go into space? Let’s answer these questions and more.

Jeff Bezos won’t be the first billionaire in space:

Jeff Bezos would have been the first billionaire in space if he hadn’t intervened when he made his announcement. But after the announcement Bezos, the founder of Virgin Galactic , Richard Branson stepped in and successfully launch last week appeared . Thus, Richard Branson became the first billionaire in space.

How will Jeff Bezos get out of space and back?

Jeff Bezos, his brother and two accompanying people will be aboard Blue Origin’s ‘The New Shephard’ spacecraft. The rocket carrying the spacecraft will take the quad to an altitude of 100 kilometers , known as the space boundary . This reusable rocket and capsule will make its third flight today. Blue Origin has tried this system on autonomous flights 15 times without passengers.
When the altitude of almost 100 kilometers is reached, the capsule and rocket will separate from each other. The rocket will return to earth like SpaceX’s rockets. Meanwhile, the capsule will offer a few minutes of time that will allow you to feel the zero-gravity environment in space, as in Richard Branson’s flight . After these few minutes, the capsule will begin its descent to the earth.

Who are the four in flight?

  • Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon and Blue Origin)
  • Mark Bezos (Jeff Bezos ‘ brother whom he calls ‘best friend’)
  • Mary Wallace Funk (US’ first female air safety inspector, former pilot, will become the oldest person in space.)
  • Oliver Daemen (18 years old, Dutch physics student, took his place after the owner of the last seat sold for 28 million dollars stated that he could not join the flight. He will be the youngest person to go into space.)

What will four people do when they reach space?

In fact, they will do nothing but ‘reach into space’. When all four people reach the target height, they will take off their belts and glide in zero gravity , looking down at us from the windows of the spacecraft . After a few minutes of landscape and possible motivational speeches, the descent will begin.

How can I watch this flight?

You can follow Jeff Bezos’ space flight, which will leave the earth at 16.00 today, live on Blue Origin’s own website or YouTube channel . The broadcast will begin at 14.30 CEST .


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