Few days before summer; The weight gained both in the pandemic process and in the winter has started to be annoying again. For this reason, while many people seek to lose weight quickly, edema teas are among the first methods applied. Emphasizing that the well-known mistakes about edema teas in our society harm health, Nutrition and Diet Specialist listed 7 wrongs that are known to be true about edema drinks, and made important warnings and suggestions.

Edema Drinks Weak

Edema drinks do not weaken. Although losing weight is measured by a decrease in weight, the target here should be fat loss. However, when entering the slimming process, the first target is to get rid of edema.

Edema drinks help to remove excess water accumulated in the tissues, but since the main cause of body change is fat loss, you should focus on fat loss rather than edema loss during the weight loss process. Fat loss is unfortunately not possible with herbal solutions, but with a balanced diet plan and regular exercise.

Anyone Can Consume Edema Drinks

Edema drinks are not consumable for everyone. Heart patients, people with high blood pressure disease, people with diabetes or reactive hypoglycemia, pregnant and lactating people should be especially careful with these drinks. For example, using the ginseng plant unconsciously may cause a decrease in blood sugar or an increase in your blood pressure.

In this sense, plants should not be used unconsciously in excessive amounts. Especially people in the risk group should be more careful when using edema remover mixtures. Again, when some mixtures are used continuously or in high amounts, they may cause a risk of miscarriage in pregnant women or undesirable side effects by passing to the baby with milk in nursing mothers.

Does Not Affect Blood Pressure

Hypertension patients should be especially careful. Diuretic, diuretic plants or plant mixtures such as corn silk and cherry stalk, which are often used for edema removal, may cause negative results in some hypertension patients who are already using drugs. Because some hypertension drugs also have a diuretic effect, that is, water removal from the body, and if water consumption is insufficient in these people, herbal mixtures taken for edema may cause negative results for these patients.

A Healthy Meal Alternative

From time to time, people use various herbs for detox, weight loss or edema removal. fruit can prepare mixtures and consume them as a meal. Although it is not a problem for healthy people to plan liquid meals in this way from time to time, it is difficult to maintain and liquid nutrition in this way can negatively affect eating behavior in the long run.

Because the chewing factor is eliminated in liquid nutrition, the feeling of satisfaction decreases, and also, since liquid foods leave the stomach quickly, problems with providing blood sugar regulation may occur, and the person may gain more weight more quickly.

Does Not Affect Drug Use

It is necessary to be very careful when preparing teas or drinks to aid payment using herbs or herbal mixtures. Because these herbs can interact with some drugs when used in large amounts or frequently. E.g; often used as an edema remover or in the production of edema drinks green teaIn patients using warfarin group, that is, a type of blood thinner, it can interact with these drugs and reduce the effectiveness of these drugs.

Since They Are Natural, They Do Not Harm The Kidneys

Edema drinks or edema teas can cause serious damage to the kidneys. The best way to relieve edema is to drink enough water. Drinking enough water prevents excess water retention in the body. If your water consumption is insufficient while consuming edema-reducing drinks, it may cause a decrease in the blood supply of the kidney and cause acute kidney failure.

In this sense, the best way to get rid of edema is salt restriction and adequate fluid consumption. Also rich in oxalate spinach, chard, parsley, cucumber, Strawberry Frequent and excessive use of nutrients such as oedematous mixtures can also lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Since I Can’t Drink Water, I Meet My Fluid Need

Edema drinks are not a substitute for water. Many people complain that they do not have the habit of drinking water and aim to get water thanks to the herbal liquid mixtures they prepare. Unfortunately, these herbal mixtures can make you dehydrated by increasing the excretion of water from the body with their diuretic effect. The best way to provide enough water to the body and to get rid of edema is to consume enough daily, that is, 2-2.5 liters of plain water without additives.


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