The best vacation actually depends mostly on you, not the performance of the airline or hotel. In order to make the holiday meaningful, the first thing to remember is why you go on holiday, especially city trips. We travel so far to get out of the ordinary, monotonous daily life, but when we go into the wild, we often find ourselves in a panic to make use of the numbered days. like a tourist we are living. However, the real beauties of that city are hidden under the surface, in the streets, in conversations with the locals. That’s why we say that it is necessary to be ready to walk a lot at first, and then to evaluate these 6 suggestions that we have written quickly below. If you can internalize a few of them, it is possible for you to have a much different and profound experience on your next trip abroad.

1- Forget about expensive hotels, even if you can afford it

Choose Airbnb to feel at home, whether it’s a 6 bedroom villa or a studio apartment, it will be better for you. Moreover, your landlord may have a chance to adapt you to the local social life much faster. If you’re a little more daring, you can use free traveler hosting/room sharing networks like Couchsurfing and BeWelcome.

2- Go shopping for food and drinks

A dinner like how the locals eat it can give you a clearer idea of ​​where you come on vacation. For example, a simple table with French cheeses and wine in France. From the Balkans to Spain, you will see shops selling incredibly affordable, colorful and delicious foods when you dive into the side streets in all countries on the Mediterranean coast. Take your materials and create wonders in the kitchen of the house you are staying in. In summary, the best holiday is the one where new tastes are tried, that’s for sure.

3- Feel free to go to the same restaurant again

You don’t have to explore a new place every night. If the food and service are good, there is no harm in going to the same local restaurant; even regulars get better treatment wherever they are, especially as long as they avoid the overly touristy neighborhoods.

4- Search for people who fit your mind and schedule

If you have chosen a destination for a certain purpose (diving, visiting museums, tasting local food and drinks, entertainment life, etc.), you can find local people who are interested in the subject you are interested in. So you can go far beyond your experiences as a tourist. If you have a special hobby, we are sure that you will find plenty of groups, pages and people on social networks. Do not be ashamed, do not be lazy, try to collect opinions and suggestions from the locals with random messages describing yourself and your interest.

5- Be social, meet new people, chat with them a lot

Linked to the previous item: Being a tourist can be as hard as the first day you start a new school, but you have to break the ice. In this way, you can get tips about that city. Before or after you arrive at your destination, say a few words to people who approach you with a sincere and smiling face, try to meet them, and offer them small treats. In fact, if you mingle with tourists from another country who live in the same town at the same time as you, you will have experienced several cultures and almost crossed the boundaries in your mind.

6- Let it flow, learn to say “yes”

It is important to be wary of strangers, but it is also necessary to be open to new adventures. As you know, we are a somewhat skeptical and sometimes even xenophobic nation. When we lower these walls a little bit, we find ourselves in a very festive and colorful social environment. That’s why you can find treats, offers, food, coffee, bar, etc. that may come when you least expect it. Think twice before rejecting their invitation.


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