Adapting to every decoration style, jute carpets bring the energy of nature to your home with their natural textures. 

1. Natural Elegance

Jute carpets, which have a natural structure, are made from an environmentally friendly plant that can be dissolved in nature one hundred percent. You can add a natural and stylish touch to your decoration by including jute and straw rugs in your home.

2. Appropriate Carpet Selection According to the Usage Area

Jute knitted carpets, which stand out with their elegance and easy use, should be preferred according to the usage area and the size of the space. Jute carpet models, which are suitable for use even in areas with the highest circulation with their durable structure, are also the right choice for those who keep pets with their ability to trap odor.

3. The Joker Piece of Every Style

Jute carpets, which adapt to many styles from modern to classical, from country to Scandinavian, from bohemian to eclectic, are the joker part of almost all decoration styles. If you want to achieve a minimalist style in your home, you can choose jute carpets in cream and beige tones, and you can get a modern look with models with geometric or unusual patterns. If you are in favor of an ethnic style, you can choose round jute rugs with classical motifs.

If you need a piece that will complement the bohemian style, which is the symbol of naturalness and freedom, you can create an original atmosphere in your space by choosing jute carpets in striking colors such as green and red.

4. Indispensable for Summer Houses

Jute rugs, one of the most ideal carpets for those who do not want to prefer woven carpets on hot summer days, are also very useful thanks to their light structure. If you want to create a decoration style that will add freshness to your home in the summer season, you can choose the most suitable natural carpet for your home by looking at the summer carpet models.

5. Jute Carpet Cleaning and Care

The cleaning of jute carpets is just as important as its use. You can clean the jute mats and carpets made of fiber fibers with a damp cloth. For a longer-lasting use, you should not forget to stay away from bleach cleaning products and avoid the sun for the drying process. Heavy furniture that you place on jute carpets, which you can easily clean with a vacuum cleaner, will also damage the product.


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