Light curtains that meet the enchanting sea breeze, thin linen fabrics, natural textures that bring nature to our homes, wicker baskets that remind us of the freedom of the countryside, marine lines and flowers… Here are the ones that come to mind when we think of style suggestions for summer homes! If you are ready to adapt each one to your own style and start the season, be sure to listen to the suggestions of our Interior Architect Burcu Burkay.

1 In Nature

Architectural advantages of summer houses; large windows with daylight, halls at level with the garden, large balconies overlooking the pool and touching the tall trees. You can turn your house into a huge garden by using natural materials in the summer cottages that open to the outside and embrace nature. It is possible to complete the main elements with a bamboo sofa set, wicker coffee table and a large raw wood table. For details, we recommend handmade ceramics. Colorful ceramic vases and wall plates where you will place your live plants are the most beautiful clichés of summer houses. If you don’t want a completely rural atmosphere while following nature, apply to marble decorative: An elegant detail with both flamboyant and natural texture! You can also use glassware alongside marble. Reflecting the light, the glass will help increase the rising sun in your home. 

2 Country Elegance

Romantic, spacious and stylish in summer homes! Country style is indispensable for Alaçatı houses, Bozcada boutique hotels and Greek architecture in Cunda. Imagine a soft-fit P-arm seat with a back cushion. It should definitely have a place in holiday memories with its skirted flooring reaching to its feet and natural linen texture. What about the feeling? Absolutely cool, light and peaceful! Other details that will hit the spot in country style; Federal pedestal white or walnut tables, floral and striped cushions in pastel tones, lampshades with fabric hats and curved white frames…

3 Minimal Stance

The irrepressible rise of minimalism is taking over not only the city but also the beach and cottages. After all, isn’t the purpose of our escape from the city to empty the mind, to refresh the soul? Then, it is a great idea to think of space as an object that needs to be placed carefully, and to create a quiet and peaceful space with plenty of space. What we need is plain, non-woven wooden furniture, metal details that create a cool feeling, accessories without a pattern, a thin rug and only leafy plants. Here is a great detox house, yoga area, therapy home! Just as we need…  


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